“You CAN overcome fear of abandonment”

Therapy for fear of abandonment

Being more relaxed in your relationship

What is fear of abandonment?

Fear of abandonment is the fear that someone important to you will leave you, or the fear that something will happen to him or her. The fear is often not realistic, but keeps popping back up. For example, when your partner goes out, comes home late or is in contact with someone else, or when you have to go out by yourself. You may be jealous and tend to check on the other person all the time. You experience fear or even panic when the other person leaves the house and you want to be together as much as possible. Or you continuously seek the attention and approval of the other. These and other symptoms of fear of abandonment take much energy and can put a lot of stress on your relationship. Fortunately, this can be dealt with.

Origins of fear of abandonment

Fear of abandonment generally originates from experiences in your youth or childhood. These may be events where somebody truly left, such as your parents’ divorce or the death of a parent. But sometimes a situation occurred where you felt abandoned, like moments when you were home alone, did not receive attention, had to go to school for the first time or spent time in the hospital. A child’s fear of abandonment usually disappears while growing up. Sometimes, however, the belief may take root that you are not worthwhile or that all important people will leave you. In those instances fear of abandonment can manifest during adulthood in your relationships, friendships or other social interactions.

Overcoming fear of abandonment

Mindspring is very experienced resolving fear of abandonment. Rather than just the symptoms, the root causes are dealt with extensively. We use modern and effective therapeutical methods such as hypnotherapyEMDR therapy and NLP.