“Broader thinking leads to better functioning”

Life coaching

Becoming your best self

Life coaching is a type of individual coaching dealing with personal or professional problems. Are you in need of change, improvement or transformation in the area of work, study or personal issues? You can benefit from life coaching! The principle of life coaching entails that success and happiness are rooted in your way of thinking. It’s my job as a coach to encourage you to think in a different way: broader and more purposeful. When you start thinking differently, you’ll automatically communicate and act differently: with more clarity, more proactive and more independent.

Life coaching helps you make choices: learn to say NO to what you actually don’t want and YES to your needs, goals and dreams. Your coach serves as a mirror for your current way of functioning, a sounding board for your creative ideas and a sparring partner for new ways of dealing with things.

Who can benefit from life coaching?

Life coaching is suitable for anyone who has doubts, feel stuck or doesn’t see a future in terms of work or study. For example:

  • Stress, burnout
  • Lack of self-confidence, indecisiveness
  • Feeling like your work is meaningless; boredom or conflicts at work
  • (Impending) layoff or reorganization
  • Preparation for job hunting, presentations or promotion
  • Wanting to improve focus, communication, presentation skills, etc.
  • Wanting to improve motivational, coaching and leadership skills

Is your problem or goal not included in the list? Please contact me to check whether life coaching may still be suitable for you.

The result of life coaching

A few life coaching sessions will often already be enough to change the direction of your life or career. Typical results include:

Of course you are the one to decide which goal you want to reach with the help of life coaching.

“Wishes are premonitions of abilities.“