Focus on your hidden qualities

Solution focused coaching

Finding the solution within yourself

Solution focused coaching is a modern type of coaching where the solution is key. We don’t search for deep-rooted causes of the problem in the past, but find or create a solution in the present. Solution focused coaching focuses on your positive experiences, qualities and opportunities, not your weaknesses and constraints. We believe that the solution for each problem, issue or block is present in yourself. As your coach I’ll help you to find and activate this inner solution. Together we’ll seek a solution that aligns completely with your competences, goals and personality.

How does solution focused coaching work?

Solution focused coaching, as the name implies, is focused on solutions, in other words, on the goal you want to achieve. In this process we make an imaginary jump into the future, to the moment when your problem will be resolved. Focusing on the resolved situation boosts inner knowledge, power and qualities that you possess, everything that’s needed to create the solution. We also focus on exceptions: instances when the problem does not occur, unexpectedly positive experiences, moments of success. Often you’ll forget these instances or consider them unimportant. But the challenge consist of appreciating these exceptions and building on them. Just as a small spark can result in a large fire, a tiny success can grow into a huge triumph. Solution focused coaching will help you here.

Solution focused coaching is, next to to NLP and Neurosemantics, one of the methods applied at Mindspring for Life Coaching.

We use solution focused therapy in conjunction with hypnotherapy and EMDR-therapy to resolve numerous issues and problems.