“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Learn to think effectively

NLP is short for Neuro Linguistic Programming and a method for communication, change and development. NLP grants you access to your unconscious thinking patterns. Thinking patterns greatly influence your feelings, behaviour and social interaction. They make the difference between success or failure, happiness or misery, love or loneliness.

NLP is a method to train your mind, emotions and senses to maximally tap into your potential

Feeling better by thinking differently

When you become aware of how you think, you can learn to think differently: broader, more creative and purposeful. NLP offers plenty of opportunities for this. Thinking differently is the start of feeling better, living healthier, working with more purpose and better interactions with others. NLP not only grants you access to your patterns, but also to your deeper emotions, beliefs and values. Because therein lies the key to motivation, enthousiasm and vitality. When you know what’s important to you, it becomes easier to make decisions, set goals and follow your passions.

How does Mindspring use NLP?

NLP is a broad field of expertise that touches upon hypnotherapy, neurosemantics and solution focused coaching. That’s why Mindspring uses NLP in conjunction with all these methods for therapy and coaching.