You CAN overcome fear of commitment

Therapy for fear of commitment

Establishing true relationships

Fear of commitment is the fear to establish a bond with another person. Usually this concerns romantic relationships, but friendships may be affected, too. When you suffer from fear of commitment, you always keep a certain distance and avoid emotional involvement. When someone comes too close, you feel trapped. For each possible partner you can come up with some reason not to enter into a relationship. Or you have many short-term relationships that fail when they become more serious. You may unconsciously be attracted to people who are not available, or search endlessly for the perfect partner. These are all characteristics of fear of commitment, which over time can result in feelings of loneliness, addiction or a feeling of uselessness. Fortunately, fear of commitment can be treated.

Origins of fear of commitment

Fear of commitment generally has its roots in experiences from your youth or childhood. Experiencing rejection, abuse, neglect or loss can unconsciously teach you to keep your distance. For you, emotional or intimate contact equals rejection, pain, failure or other negative feelings. Keeping that distance has become a way of life during adulthood and you avoid close connections, often without even realizing that you do so.

Overcoming fear of commitment

Mindspring is very experienced in resolving fear of commitment. Not just the symptoms, but the root causes are also extensively dealt with. We use modern and effective therapeutical methods such as hypnotherapyEMDR therapy and NLP. A fear of commitment can be treated, and yours can be treated, too.