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Quitting smoking

Why quit smoking?

For many people it is extremely difficult to quit smoking, especially if you have smoked for many years and have attempted to quit multiple times before. Smoking is an addiction after all, physical but also mental. But you may have very good or even urgent reasons to quit smoking. Maybe you want to quit because:

  • You want to get rid of your smokers cough and breath
  • You don’t want to have to go outside to smoke all the time
  • You want to set the right example for you children
  • You want a better health
  • You want to save (a lot of) money
  • You don’t want to be addicted anymore

Quitting smoking has more benefits than you may realize.

Do want to quit smoking for ever? Mindspring will help you.


For many people a single treatment session can suffice to quit smoking, especially when smoking is essentially just a habit. Hypnosis will help you to radically break this habit. The withdrawal symptoms are much less severe and the chance of lasting success is significantly larger. Some people may need several sessions, because smoking fulfils different functions, such as a reward, a break, fun, social interaction, comfort, etc. Together we list these functions and figure out how they can be fulfilled in other ways. Hypnosis will help you to unconsciously find better and healthier ways to get the relaxation, fun, comfort or whatever you need. That’s why the effect of the treatment is generally permanent.

Rates, reimbursement and result

A single hypnosis treatment costs €95,-. For many people this will be covered by their health insurance provider. Please check with your provider whether hypnotherapy is included in your coverage. Please mention that Mindspring is a member of professional society NBVH.