“Hypnotherapy is a method of harnessing the power and wisdom of your unconscious.”

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a technique that brings you into a hypnotic trance. The state of trance is actually a very natural phenomenon. Each time you focus completely on something you enter a mild state of trance. For example when you are:

  • completely immersed in a book or movie
  • totally focussed on a conversation
  • capable of unexpected feats in emergency situations

We call this every-day trance. In a hypnotic trance you focus inwards, on your unconscious mind. The unconscious mind contains the patterns, motives and beliefs that keep the problem intact. Hypnosis is thus very suitable to break automatic patterns like smoking, nail biting and excessive eating. But it’s also effective for numerous other issues, such as anxiety, phobias, stress, pain, etc. Hypnosis helps you to not just break old patterns, but also to learn new ones. And the best part is that this doesn’t take much effort, your unconscious does the work for you.

What happens in hypnosis?

When they hear the word hypnosis, many people immediately think of hypnosis shows, where someone is under the power of the hypnotist and does strange things. Hypnosis at Mindspring is totally different. I assist you to enter trance in a comfortable and easy manner. You stay in complete control of yourself. Only your attention and experiencing shifts from your conscious to your unconscious mind. In this way negative patterns and beliefs can be accessed and resolved. You get in touch with positive experiences and patterns and learn to apply them effortlessly. Many people find hypnosis not only meaningful, but also a very special experience.

What’s the result of hypnosis?

By activating the unconscious, hypnosis can clear up and solve problems quickly. People also often experience general effects such as becoming more relaxed, free and confident. The effect of hypnosis is often wide-ranging and permanent.