Processing trauma

Truly processing traumatic experiences

A trauma is a psychological/emotional problem that manifests after a severe, negative experience. It can develop because an experience is too intrusive or unexpected for you to deal with. You are not able to respond adequately and your natural coping mechanism can’t handle the experience. A trauma can originate from a one-time event such as an accident, robbery, rape or divorce, or from multiple or long-term events such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, war or neglect. Often, you’ll be hampered by fear, shame or guilt to share your experiences with other people. Thus, traumatic experiences are not processed properly and can have severe consequences. Common symptoms are:

  • Startle responses, anxiety, panic attacks
  • Reliving trauma, flashbacks
  • Sleep disorders, nightmares
  • Irritability, anger issues
  • Problems with concentration
  • Avoiding situations
  • Doubt, low self-confidence

When more than one of these symptoms apply to you, you may suffer from PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder).

Treatment of traumas and PTSD

Mindspring offers therapy for the processing of traumatic experiences and conquering PTSD. We can help, whether your experience was a one-time event or a long history of trauma. Mindspring uses modern and effective methods such as EMDR and hypnotherapy. Trauma processing may result in:
  • Disappearance of flashbacks and nightmares
  • A strong reduction in anxiety and panic reactions
  • The ability to think back on the traumatic experience neutrally
  • Letting go of negative inferences and beliefs
  • Strengthening your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image
  • More enjoyment of life and confidence in the future
In short, it pays off to take the step to start therapy and free yourself from whichever trauma you suffer from.