“Finally free of compulsion”


Live your life free of compulsion

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a psychological problem characterized by compulsive thoughts and behaviours. Compulsive thoughts are negative thoughts, images or tendencies that you do not wish for, but keep imposing themselves upon you. Some people, for example, are obsessed by the idea of being contaminated or infected, or keep thinking they’ll harm someone. Compulsive thoughts are often accompanied by feelings of stress and anxiety. You are afraid that the thought will become reality if you don’t prevent this.

The most common compulsive thoughts are related to:

  • Contamination/infection
  • Disasters, chaos
  • Sexual or religious taboos
  • Harming others

But many other forms occur.

In order to harness these feelings of anxiety and prevent them from becoming reality, compulsive behaviours develop. These are behaviours or rituals that are performed repeatedly and according to rigid rules. Deviations from the rules are scary or unthinkable. Common compulsive behaviours are:

  • Washing and cleaning
  • Sorting, repeating and counting
  • Sexual or religious rituals
  • Repeated checking and organizing

Compulsive behaviours can be very time-consuming. Some people spend hours each day on these behaviours. Moreover, compulsive behaviours can be very limiting in your daily activities, for instance because you start avoiding situations which may trigger compulsive thoughts.

What can be done?

OCD is highly treatable. Mindspring uses powerful methods such as hypnotherapy and NLP. Often, only a few sessions will suffice to greatly reduce the compulsive thoughts and behaviours, or even make them disappear completely.