Solution focused therapy

Finding the solution within yourself

Solution focused therapy is a modern variant of psychotherapy where the solution is key. Problems and issues are discussed and clarified, but not analyzed in-depth. We are not looking for the root cause, but for a solution. We believe a solution can always be found, no matter how large or severe the problem. Solution focussed therapy helps you to find the answers within yourself. Answers that completely align with your lifestyle and personality.

Where attention goes, energy flows

How does solution focused therapy work?

Psychological or psychosomatic problems can be very persistent. Talking about them and recognizing the causes doesn’t always help. Therefore, solution focused therapy focuses on a solution. In order to find this solution, we focus on exceptions: instances when the problem momentarily is not present or less severe. By discovering how these exceptions occur, you can make them happen more often. In this way, the solution comes nearer and nearer and the problem dissolves into the background. Compare it to gardening: you search for flowers between all the weeds and provide them with water and light. The flowers will grow and flourish, and overshadow the weeds. The solution outgrows the problem.

We use solution focused therapy in conjunction with hypnotherapy and EMDR-therapy to resolve numerous issues and problems.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
Walt Disney