As a mentor, I enjoy
the growth of my fellow therapists


Since 2005 I have served as a supervisor in the professional society NBVH, in addition to my work as a hypnotherapist. In order to be registered as a therapist, hypnotherapists have to complete 8 sessions of supervision in 2 years.

During these sessions, you’ll be able to discuss all issues related to running a practice, working with clients and your own growth process as a therapist. As your supervisor, I’ll serve as your mirror, sounding board and sparring partner during this process. I will ask you questions, brainstorm with you and share my own experiences as a hypnotherapist, both on therapeutic and business matters.

At the first supervision session we’ll draw up a contract to be sent to the NBVH. After each session you’ll write a short report describing the session contents and your own reflections.