Participant testimonials

Hundreds of people have taken our courses and successfully applied Ericksonian Hypnotherapy with their patients, clients and students. Below you will find testimonials from some of the course participants.

Jos’s humour, knowledge, method of delivery and the demonstrations he provided made it truly fascinating to attend his course. I really think Jos is a master of communicating with the unconscious mind. Throughout the Ericksonian hypnotherapy training, Jos offers information in a clear and engaging manner, leaving you wanting to get started as quickly as possible. For example, he makes the principles of observation and utilisation very clear by applying them in conversation with the participants immediately after explaining them.
Linda Kampstra
Integrative psychotherapist, Couples therapist
Jos is a very experienced teacher who delivers well-balanced training; as a therapist, you have plenty of opportunities to practice the techniques, and as a participant, you experience what hypnotherapy can do for your clients. I would certainly recommend it to other practising psychologists who are looking to expand their knowledge about hypnotherapy techniques.
Elleke Brinkman
As a hypnotherapist, I was looking to deepen my knowledge of hypnotic language. This Ericksonian hypnotherapy workshop gave me just that. It is delivered with passion and highly recommendable!
Aireen Nauta
This is by far the most inspiring course I have attended! Jos has a wealth of knowledge and delivers the subject matter in a clear and concise manner. The structure of the workshop is well thought out and comprehensive. By alternating between theory and practical, you can immediately apply conversationale hypnosis in your practice! Hugely enriching...
Rosalie van de Donk
Very inspiring workshop! Highly recommended, even for the experienced hypnotherapist.
Jacqueline Kempers
I have attended several courses in psychotherapy over the years and been a participant at many workshops. Nevertheless, I was still very impressed with the wealth of experience, knowledge, skills - and finally - the authentic personality of Jos. Pure class!
Stijn Leijssen
Music therapist
Jos provides a relaxed and open atmosphere, making it easy to learn and to be vulnerable with fellow participants. I have already used the materials from the workshops extensively, and I look to integrate them into other areas of my work. As a hypnotherapist, this experience has honestly been the icing on the cake.
Elles van Paassen
Very useful for both therapists and coaches.
Hans Bolte
Hypnotherapist, Coach
Jos delivers practical workshops with high value. No bloat and no smoke and mirrors. Honest and enthusiastic. Very instructive for coaches who want results.
Michiel Holtrop
Coach, musician
This workshop really inspired me to communicate with clients in a more effective trance-inducing way. I really enjoyed it. Jos gives his workshop with inspiration, humour and a lot of expertise. Many thanks!
Desirée van de Berg
The course provides the theory on Milton Erickson’s very linguistic form of hypnotherapy, as well as a lot of practical information and practice sessions, which helps to experience the effect of this method directly. There is also attention on the integration with other therapeutic approaches, which is valuable because it allows you to embed what you learn in your own practice. Jos is an excellent, enthusiastic trainer who welcomes input from the participants. And an excellent role model for therapists!