Allergy treatment

Live your life without allergies

An allergy is very annoying and can be quite disruptive in your daily life. Familiar symptoms include a rash, teary eyes, shortness of breath, itching, nausea and numerous other reactions. Hay fever fever in particular is very common and some people suffer from it throughout the entire season.

People can be allergic to all manner of substances. Well-known examples include:

  • Hay fever: pollen from grass, trees, plants, etc.
  • Dust (mites)
  • Food: cereals, nuts, milk, eggs, fruit, soy, etc.
  • Metals: nickel, cobalt, chrome, etc.
  • Animals: cats, dogs, horses, rodents, birds, etc.
  • Cosmetics/perfume
  • Plants/flowers
  • Latex

Allergy treatment

An allergy is an excessive reaction of the immune system to a substance which is essentially harmless (Wikipedia: information allergy). The immune system responds as if the substance is life-threatening, making a mistake, as it were. Using hypnotherapy and NLP, this mistake can be corrected and the allergic reaction disappears. The treatment is fast and effective, usually only one or two sessions are sufficient. No medication, devices or diets are used, and the technique is completely safe. 80% of the people who were treated with this method have not suffered from the allergy since.

The famous NLP-proponent Paul Liekens describes in his booklet “NLP en Allergie” (NLP and Allergy) how 8 out of 9 people treated on Flemish TV-show in 1999 no longer suffered from their allergies after a single session.

Mindspring does not perform allergy tests, so you need to know beforehand what you are allergic to specifically. You family doctor or dermatologist can help you with allergy testing.

behandeling is volkomen veilig. Bij 80% van de mensen is de allergie na het gebruik van onze methode verdwenen.

De bekende NLP-er Paul Liekens beschrijft in zijn boekje “NLP en Allergie” hoe in 1999 in een Vlaams televisieprogramma 8 van 9 mensen  in één behandeling van hun allergie af zijn.

Mindspring voert geen allergietests uit, d.w.z. u moet vooraf weten waar u allergisch voor bent. Voor een allergietest kunt u terecht bij uw huisarts of dermatoloog.