Meet Jos van Boxtel

Therapy or coaching is a deeply personal process. You ask someone for help and open yourself up to them. This can only succeed if your therapist/coach is a good match for you. Therefore, I’d like to introduce myself. I have been passionately working as a hypnotherapist, EMDR-therapist, coach and trainer since 2004. On a daily basis I provide guidance for people who struggle with physical, psychological or emotional issues and are searching for solutions.

I work on the premise that even the largest problems can be solved, and this doesn’t have to take a long time. My practice is a place where you can feel safe and comfortable, and where you’ll find someone to truly listen to you. It is my job to work with you to discover the core of your problem and subsequently create a personal solution. I am there for you, whether you want to quit a negative habit, conquer your fear of failure or deal with serious trauma. Therapy or coaching goes beyond fixing a problem or processing a bad experience. It’s also a step towards a healthy, successful and happy future. My work concerns your future.

“A place to heal, grow and flourish”

Background and motivation

During my study in molecular science I became fascinated by the human psyche and fields of study such as psychology, hypnosis and meditation. At the time I conquered my own fear of failure with the assistance of a few amazing therapists. After I graduated I went to work in the private sector as a IT-consultant and trainer. I gained a wealth of experience in this job, but it did not make me happy. I wanted to help people, not with technical issues, but on a personal level. After 10 years I left the industry and took the plunge. I completed various courses and training programmes, including:

Based on these different approaches, I have developed my own style, characterized by warmth, solidity and a dose of humour. For over 15 years I have been counseling clients in my practice and enthousiastically passing on my professional knowledge to people interested in hypnotherapy and NLP. My life’s mission is to guide people in their process of healing and personal growth.

Jos van Boxtel -
“The solution to any personal problem is hidden in your unconscious mind.”